Amsterdam e-Liquid

Amsterdam e-Liquid is a delicious mix of the finest flavors and purest base ingredients. With a pleasant aroma and a wide variety of unique flavors, Amsterdam e-Liquid delivers an generous amount of vapor and an impressive throat kick.

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Exotics e-Liquid

Exotics e-Liquid is the perfect choice if you are looking for an exotic and tropical experience.  Exotics e-Liquids are only made by hand in Canada and the US.

They only use the most delicious and premium flavourings, to create this amazing e-Liquid.  By using a base blend of VG and PG liquids, Exotics e-Liquid offers you an amazing vapor sensation, with great flavour.  Enjoy a great variety of delicious eJuice that are made just for the right occasion.


Kahuna eJuice

Kahuna eJuice follows a custom Canadian recipe using a mixture of 30% PG and 70% VG  as our base liquids to deliver the smoothest and most flavorful VG eJuice available. Kahuna eJuice is handmade in Canada and the USA using only premium ingredients and delicious flavorings.

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Juicy eJuice

Handmade in Canada and the United States, Juicy eJuice is available in more than 69 delicious flavors made with only premium ingredients. Juicy eJuice follows a custom recipe using a mixture of approximately 66% PG and 34% VG, delivering the smoothest and most flavorful vapor sensation.

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Naturals e-Liquid

The gods have their own e-Liquid and it’s 100% VG based natural e-liquid made with fresh and delicious organic flavor molecules. The name of this incredible eJuice is Naturals e-Liquid, the only brand offering the most delicious, fresh and organic ingredients.

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The eStick is one of the best electronic cigarettes available today. The eStick is sleek, stylish and vapes at perfectly hot temperature. The eStick creates a massive and delicious vapor with every puff. With only two parts, the eStick is simple and easy to use.

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Nikki’s Vapor Bar is your one stop shop for all of your vaping needs. We’re dedicated to providing high quality electronic cigarettes, personal vaporizers, and a large selection of premium USA and Canadian made e-liquids.

We have hundreds of flavors and nicotine strengths available in the store. We also take custom orders on all e-liquids carried in our retail stores! The electronic cigarette industry was worth about $500 million dollars in 2012 and this number is expected to grow exponentially in 2013. – Forbes, October 2012 Why are people switching to electronic cigarettes?

Many doctors and university professors agree electronic cigarettes are up to 99% healthier than traditional cigarettes. Less expensive than traditional tobacco products and will cut down costs of smoking by 50-85% You can “vape” anywhere – restaurants, malls, bars, where smoking is banned in most places No tar, tobacco, secondhand smoke or unpleasant odors No fire hazard, ash or dirty cigarette butts!

Nikki’s Vapor Bar sells only the healthiest brands of premium North American produced e-liquids and the high quality personal vaporizers and accessories available on the market today.

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